I bought a 1911!

It’s a Colt 1911 100 year anniversary model (Series 70 trigger), model O1911ANVIII. It’s an all steel, completely blued, classic 1911 exactly like I wanted. I wanted to buy one of these a long time ago but nobody ever has them in stock. I went in to get a 1991 and saw this one and had to have it. I’m so happy I got this instead of a 1991 model, it’s beautiful.

It came in a very nice, classic Colt blue box with some neat extras. There’s an old Army Ordinance manual reproduction in there along with the normal manual. The 1911 itself was wrapped in old wax paper and came with 2 magazines. There was also a lock, disassembly tool, chamber flag, and pamphlet with the history of the 1911. I also bought 600 rounds of .45. Hopefully I’ll have time to take it to the range later today before I see my girl. I’m so psyched to shoot it.

it’s lovely, nice find man.


Oh that’s beautiful man!